Phone Life—OR—my phone has a better social life than I do

Phone, Keys, Wallet.

If I am without one of these items, I feel one of those in-a-bad-dream-naked-at-school feelings. In some ways my phone has taken partial place of the Lomo LC-A* I used to keep on me all the time (*the problem is, I can't get an LC-A worth a damn these days. Back in the day they smelled like ruskie-potatoes and were actually made of metal. Now they are shat out with all the stability of Chinese plastic.). I have it around so I use it. That's pretty much it.

Here are some life nuggets as seen from my phone. Hopefully not a snooze-fest.

Places represented: Birmingham, Mexico, New York, California, Portland, Huntsville, Scottsboro, Little River Canyon, and San Diego.

(worst tattoo I've EVER SEEN EVER)