Yamascani redux

I stumbled across a couple of holders of 4x5 that've just been sitting here for months now. Upon unloading them I found several to be HP5 and two sheets to be Fuji NPS 160 (nerd noise here). Thooooooose would be the last coupla sheets of the box I mentioned a while back. Turns out I finished that box on a couple of friends...they'd just gotten engaged and by now they're already married. Clearly I'm on the ball with getting this personal work developed, eh? I sent it off to the glorious Richard Photo Lab to process and contact and above is a quick (and likely dirty) scan of the contact. You can tell the shot sat around a while if you peep the light leaks on the edges. Oh well...I still enjoy them. High five to team YamAscani. Next happy surprise time is getting these HP5 sheets run along with some 35mm jank I've been meaning to finish up.