like an accident, i'm waiting to happen.

There's a wind of change in air. I haven't yet been happy with the images that are on this site, at least in the sense of how they represent me as a photographer. I've been wrestling with my identity and philosophy as an [gasp] artist (which sort of sucks, by the way) and I also recruited my friend Jared to immerse himself in the images I've made and curate them in a way that made sense to him. It's a very personal and vulnerable thing (on both sides, I think) to make such a request and he really came through with a series of images that I could never, in a thousand years, have put together. My brain just doesn't think the same way as his—all the better in this case. In the next while (week? month? I don't really know) I'm going to have a new body of work up here that is a collaboration of our minds. He gave me such a great starting point and I cannot wait to get everything in order and finally present images that explain my head better than I ever could with words.