Hanging out at the mental_floss office in New York

I made it a point during my last trip to New York to go bug the good people at mental_floss magazine. Conveniently located near about a million bead stores, where I'd clearly be shopping anyway, the office (which they share with The Week) was guarded by a delightful lady whom I managed to con into buzzing me in. Sucker.

I was greeted warmly by Mangesh and crew, above, though my presence clearly upset the force in the area, as a fight immediately broke out down on the street within minutes of my arrival.

So I left.

I came back the next day with a SWAT team, though thankfully it was not needed.

We all walked around for a while and quizzed strangers with trivia questions, occasionally cornering obvious tourists and peppering them with Amazing Facts, and we were eventually all arrested for doing science experiments on passers-by.

Winslow watches everybody's back and totes a Journal filled with mind blowing information.

Josh, also up from the Birmingham office

Jason (managing editor of mentalfloss.com) seems pleased to not be on the internet for a moment.

Ethan has fallen asleep on the elevator. This is not a lie.

Mangesh eventually cracked the whip and forced everyone to start working again. His smile is deceiving; He's a brutal taskmaster at heart. Winslow tries desperately to explain his design.

As punishment for public sleeping, Ethan was put on bean counting duty.

Eventually, m_f President Will Pearson came back from his Diet Mt Dew run. He promptly asked me to leave.