Welcome to 2011

Like many people who keep a journal type thing, I have grand plans of looking back at the previous year and trying to figure out what I learned and give proper respect to the people in my professional and personal life that keep me moving.

But I'll have to get to that when I can. For now, I'll post a couple of out takes from today's shoot, the first of the year. I made some photos for the blog See The Good, which is a blog for Regions Bank that reflects the positive life events and people surround their employees, partners, and customers. I can't wait to talk about this project (or get the film back!) once it is posted. It's another amazing story of human strength and the love of family. I'm truly going soft with age. Oh well.

Today's shoot was in this awesome old Masonic lodge and Rob came along to help. As such, he get light tested. Sucka! These are the shots I like the most of him. There are plenty that are in some way embarrassing, but for now I'll keep those in the arsenal.