Christmas & Cowpies

Christmas Skiing on the farm.

There is no classy way to explain this. I'm bored and my family is occupied playing Bananagrams so I'll explain this nonsense.

What you see is not fake. The man skiing is my cousin (in law) Kent literally skiing down a slight incline on a cow pasture. That cow is really standing there thinking, "what the hell is that moron doing." We roll it right here in Alabama.

In short, we finally had a white christmas and my family was not about to let it slide. My uncle James is an avid skier, though his opportunities to hit the slopes are slightly less as we all get older, so having snow ON OUR PROPERTY is not a thing to waste. We've now created a company called Ski Hurric'n Valley that offers such things as: dodge-the-cow-pie while skiing the Mooguls (wah wah), panoramic views from the top of the main, double-black slope, and personal ski lift by way of a 4x4 truck.

My sister and I are in process of creating a proper brochure (seriously) and I'll post that when it's done.

Keep in mind the slopes are only open when we have snow on or around christmas here in Berry Hollow, but a 10-year lift pass is only 75 bucks.

(These are phone photos, though I did take some proper film shots too. Will undoubtedly post those when they are ready)

Below, my uncle James—primary proprietor of and part-time-ski-lift-driver for Ski Hurric'n Valley—sit atop Cornelison Crusher ( ♦ ♦)