Raj, in his gas station

Raj at his gas station

So I'm in Monroe for the Memorial day long weekend and there is a local business owner who shares a mutual affection for Stephanie's family. I've long heard of him but never met him—until tonight. Raj is originally from Delhi (India, not Del-High, Louisiana (they seriously call it del-high), moved to London, New York, and then middle of fucking nowhere Monroe (Swartz), Louisiana. Every time Steph asks for his story as to how he got he he just says it's a long story and won't tell it. I assume he's on the run from the law. Or is in witness protection. Or a spy. Totally a spy. (A nice spy)

Anyway. He was great and we chatted about India and food stuffs and general nonsense. I'll hang out with him again...guaranteed.

This is a digital photo of a Fuji 100C45 instant film shot. I shot a few frames of Fuji 160 color as well. Look out, Richard Photo Lab..here they come.