me with steph, flossing.

So, as this project continues, albeit in a different form, I wonder now and then about the ongoing purpose of this blog thing.

Electric Lion started out as a semi-secret project to see if I could take a photo every day and post a photo every day...as a means of practicing discipline and to grow as a photographer. It totally worked. I shot for two years and posted as close to daly as possible and have now converted to a loose, 3-day-a-week quasi format. But I feel like I'm in sort of a no mans land now...I am not out to prove anything to myself anymore, so I guess I'm posting for the people who read this. In which case I need to step up my game, eh?

Ultimately, these posts will stop being posted at this URL, but rather change to carynorton.com (as mentioned) and that will become the hub for all blogging by me (still havent decided about poptpops, though). That makes me want to be "more professional" or whatever the hell that means. What I think I SHOULD do is just post the best but still bring myself to the posts. I have a tendency to formalize myself a bit when I feel like I'm writing for someone specific. So, I guess I'll gonna try to be myself, and in turn post pictures that I love, no matter what. Or something. (See above for instance. This photo...I love. But mostly because Steph is flossing, let me take the photo, and let me post it here)

Hi, I'm Cary. (Maybe I'll recycle that line for when I officially relaunch carynorton.com)


When I relaunch, should I transfer over all of Electric Lion's blog posts?
Should I let it stand on its own or start it out with a bang with all the content I've posted here for the last 2.5 years?