ROB CULPEPPER DAY TWO! Above, a Glorious, glorious Squat Stance. Below is Rob's description of just wtf a squat stance is.

My personal favorite part is the dude in the red shrit.

Squat Stance: One time Caleb and I were at a wedding and he made fun of my squat stance. That is, the posture my body makes when I need to get lower to shoot someone at the waist and keep the perspective right. Everyone has a squat stance and once you're aware of them, it's hilarious to watch photographers make pictures because you're aware of how funny they look. They, of course, are doing what seems natural and therefore have no idea how dumb they look. On a walk to Speakeasy one evening after work, we passed this photographer (and body guard in red) shooting a couple. Check out that Squat Stance!