Day 096


So I am not a huge fan of lighting. Part of that is that I have not made a point of acquiring much gear as I very much prefer finding light, you know? So...I guess I won't ever like it more unless I try more things with manufacturing it. To this end, we went down to the basement of the studio and shot around a little bit. Nothing spectacular. Also, I hate vapor lights. The shot was 75% vapor and the color looked like crap so I went with my comfort zone of black and white. Why am I telling you three people this?

I've got to make a push. I just need to figure out what I'm pushing, and who is on the other side of whatever it is I am pushing with. That, my friends, was a really shitty metaphor. Or, at the least, a bad sentence.

So, there is Rob. I post him also to the end of promoting ROB CULPEPPER WEEK over at

p.s. I'm sure Rob won't be too happy I posted one of him not looking more like a badass. Oh well. All I can say is sorry, boss.