Day 023


day two went well. lower key a bit. worked at a place called TASO which is an organization that provides all manor of services (meals, counseling, all the way down to aromatherapy) for HIV/AIDS patients. Joyce was the lady we worked with primarily though she had with her a few fellow volunteers and they (mostly Sarah and Joyce) transplanted some thingies and harvested some beets, radishes, and okra. (okra is a weird word)

after harvesting Joyce and Sarah were able to deliver the goods directly to the lady who runs the children's' services for future preparation which was a nice full-circle sort of thing for me to see. shot the kids in there a bit too. and incidentally they were watching some program on the tv that, according to the care center person, was about how to take care of a baby, but man did it ever look like the beginnings of a film about how to create said baby. bad-porn cinematography, clothes coming off, showering (though during this scene the girl exited to shower and the dude kept changing), and the guy dodging what i assume was a booty call from someone other than his current boo, unless of course she is calling from the which case i'd like to think he'd pick up the phone. weird...thats all i am trying to say.

oh also last night we were hanging out down at bujagali falls and these two dudes who had been 4-wheeling through some serious mud showed up and asked if we could take their photo and email it to them. i'll include on of those guys

ps pardon the edits. doing them on an old 12" powerbook so i dont Actually know what they look like.