Day 022


So I am here. Things so far are going well. Today was the first day of shooting which was at the Budondo Clinic where they test people for HIV/AIDS as well as have a regularly functioning hospital (by small-town African standards. Basically they do stuff other than just HIV/AIDS) and this place is the home of one of the DIG gardens. Met a bunch of great people who have an amazing heart for helping others, which, according to Patrick (runs parts of the clinic), is not an especially African trait.

That sentence was way long. I'm starting new down here.


So getting here was quite an experience. It was as expected, but with less sleep. Got in to Entebbe around 830 am local time yesterday morning and by the time we were halfway "home" I was falling asleep in the car. I slept from 5 pm to 8 pm, ate dinner, and went back to bed until this morning around 730. I know these details are not all that important. Just saying I was totally beat.

I'm going to try to attach a couple of photos from today to give a sense of the people we dealt with.