Day 002


So this is Michael, though really for my purposes he is called Mcharles (distant cousin of Chostagev). This is the son of my cousin Jamie and her husband Kent and you see him on his first real day on his new thomas the train bike. I know little about this thomas person but i understand he's a hit with the ladies.

The kids went to bed and the construction of the bikes began and I couldn't help but be reminded of when I was like five years old and I got a bike for my birthday. It was a badass Huffy and it magically appeared AFTER presents had been opened while I was eating cake things. It was clearly magic and not my dad slipping it up the stairs while I attempted to get all the candle wax as far from the cake as possible with a single breath.

Today, Jan 2, I shot Steph around the apartment and Rob here at the studio as well (nerd notes: with lomo, NC160 rated at 100). Further, Steph and I painted the huge rolly wall flat white for a good base to shoot against while in the studio (when I don't need a seamless). I imagine I'll shoot on that a ton in the future. At least that was the goal of painting it.

Anyway...back to Michael.