Taylor Shaw / The Great Book of John

Music can move me like not a lot of other things and I really have been fortunate to have so many outstanding musicians in my immediate circle of friends, one of which is Taylor Shaw. Taylor is in at least two bands but is the front man for one of my favorite bands I have heard (not an exaggeration) that goes by the moniker The Great Book of John, its name taken from the song Angel of Death by good ole Hank Williams. (Incidentally, Hank Williams reminds me, pretty much always, of the film The Shawkshank Redemption)
Taylor, Bekah, Alex, and Chip make some seriously good music and have just put two tracks from their forthcoming album on their [previously linked] myspace page. I've been working with them in various ways on the album and had a quick session with Taylor this passed Wednesday and came out with this polaroid I'm really excited about. It may actually change the direction we go with for album presentation. Er, they go with. What I know is I'll be grabbing the other three band mates to complete the series.
Look for their album in the next couple of months.