Homeless Joe and Whiskerino

Alright so I've been working on a few things and haven't gotten a ton of stuff posted here but hopefully I'll get that changed up very soon. For now, two things:

First, I got to hang out with Azurae and Danny a few days ago over in Atlanta when Tori Amos played at the Fox. At one point Matt, Jon, and Dan were walking around being harassed a bit by someone who called himself Homeless Joe who was treating them to his personal live-on-location radio show. I like to pretend that they are in a band together with Joe at the helm instead of Tori.

Secondably*, Whiskerino 2007 started on the first day of November. What this means in short is I have no facial hair. Or, had no facial hair. You see, everyone who participates has to start with a clean shaven face and cannot cut their beard for four months. Given I've had my beard more or less since 2001, four months doesn't really seem like a real challenge. The real challenge came in actually shaving my face. It was weird and awkward and I do not suggest it at all. For serious. Nonetheless, I am 18 days in and the beard is on it's way back and I am so so so ready for it. Here is me at day 15 (below, taken by Jason). To keep up with my progress, click here. Also, Alan Barton is participating as well and most days we take each other's photo for the site..

*This word is awesome. Do not argue.