A quick vacation

Ahh vacation. I had the pleasure of hanging out with my sister recently and basically just relaxing around New York. I don't do that well--take a vacation I mean--so it was nice to have Nicole enforce a no-work rule on me. I even got to hang out with Rob who just recently made the move (and will be living in Alphabet City, if I'm not mistaken). Two and a half things of note: 

  • I finally went to Central Park (I may have been before but I don't recall it)
  • Finally went to Coney Island
  • [the .5] I visited the 5th Ave Apple Store (aka Macca)

Anyway here are some snaps from the trip (and maybe some words) 

My sister, Nicole at Coney Island 

(You can't quite tell in the Journal post, but the girl is looking back at me) 

Best. Crepe. In years. 

and this amazing lady