I took a bit of vacation to come up to visit my sister and it has really just been fantastic.  
Finally! Weather I approve of. Yesterday's climate was as custom-designed-for-me as it could get, at least in New York. I have high hopes for autumn, really. 
But the point of this post is about David Andrew Strackany once again. That'd be the guy who plays music under the name Paleo. After a few months of setting into the body of work and even posting a huge chunk of images from the tour on the last day thereof, I am finally posting a few of the images in a series. 
It took so long mostly because a) it really is a ton of photographs to sort through in tons of places and situations, and b) the goal of the series was to do my best to illustrate such a vast, vast, vast fortune project in a concise visual unit. Really tough.  
If you are interested in knowing a bit about what is going on, be sure to check out the Image Notes at the top of the image (where applicable). 
For more on Paleo, check out his website or his myspace
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