Taylor Bruce: Superman

I know Superman. His name is Taylor Bruce. At least that was how he became known when he frequented a local bookshoppe that was then managed by two good friends of mine (both, incidentally, also named Carrie (they spell it "like a girl" but I count it). A lot of the title came from the simple sound of his name mixed with his visits to the store, laptop and notebooks in tow, donning hip clothes, with a dash of classic looks, all shrouded with the mystery of who he is and from where he came. Zipping out as smoothly as he arrived.
In reality, Taylor is a freelance writer who lives here in Birmingham. He's become a good friend to us here at the studio, frequently collaborating with one of us on story ideas to pitch or fulfill. President Carter with Bryan. Birmingham Jazz legends with Jason. And now, most recently, with me with my work concerning David Strackany's musical opus known as Paleo and it's recently completed Song Diary.

Look for his name and read his words.

Oh yeah, there is a teaser on his blog of the story he will be pitching to a few major publications about Paleo.

Taylor Bruce in Washington D.C.