Song Diary is finished

Last night was a glorious conclusion to Paleo's Song Diary. It was just an amazing show. A perfectly wonderful bookend for the project. I'm kind of too tired to really go into detail but perhaps I will soon. Actually, forget that. Taylor Bruce will be writing a piece on David Strackany / Paleo, so wait to read that. He's the guy with the words (well, they both are, but, I mean, the article kind of words, not the poetry kind).

I put together a gallery that should be on Paleo's site for the foreseeable future that serves as a brief visual glimpse into a few of the days of his 365, including his 365th, in Washington DC.

I can't imagine how he is feeling. I am so glad to have been a part of this project.

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While you're there take advantage of all 365 songs, available free of charge.