Festivus party shot


Lots of people have holiday partys. At our house we don't really get into the holidays at all (though, the family gathering portions we totally love), with one exception. Festivus. But in what I expect is the true spirit of Festivus, we totally half ass it. It's always last minute. We put in some effort into the guest list, but, like, just some. We phone in the snacks (our friends tend to out-do us on the food, which clearly we accept). We make up a theme-drink the day of. And the gift giving is the worst, dirtiest dirty santa I can think of. (Seriously, last year a brass Bull, that in explicably had removable testicles, had said testicles stolen. That's dirty, you guys. (It's also a bit of a long story.))

But I thought this year I could at least put some effort into documenting some part of it. So I broke out the 8x10 and forced some people to stand uncomfortably close to each other while I took some bad photos of them. Above is the "best".