8mm film from our elopement!

Stephanie & Cary Homemade Films from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

So when Stephanie and I slipped away to Europe to elope (under the legitimate guise of me having work in France), we also grabbed the 8mm Homemade Films kit from the guys over at A Bryan Photo to document our journey. They had no idea we'd be getting married but we really couldn't have picked a better way capture out trip. Branden did such an amazing job of turning our footage into a story, which, I've got to say, is extra impressive because I'm sort of all over the place when I travel. Everything is like a new shiny toy, even if I've seen it before. Going places makes my head spin and Branden managed to make sense of it all.

But more than anything, they managed to sum up how the trip felt to me. It was such a happy time (I mean, come on, how could it not be?) and now we have such an amazing way to remember it. (And this is coming from a guy who isn't typically overly sentimental about stuff. I've watched this thing a billion times already.)

Can't say thanks enough. Really looking forward to another excuse to make a Homemade Film.