Damien Jurado mini documentary on BYUtv.org

I'm a long time appreciator of Damien Jurado and his music, and I can now add to that his perspective on community and his own music now that he's talked about it in more detail in a mini documentary put out by BYUtv.org. It's a little under half an hour and I enjoyed it (totally biased...not even pretending), even if some of the visual effects were a bit overbearing at times. At its core, though, the doc is Damien singing and talking about his craft and his city, Seattle*. Check it out.

Oh, and, as a bonus, keep an eye out for Jon Canlas in the crowd during his venue performance.

*The family Jurado's commitment to Seattle seems to run deeper than most, as evidenced the name he and his wife Sarah have chosen for their soon-to-be-born baby boy, Coltrane Elttaes Jurado (Seattle).