Tyson on Go Skateboard Day

Down the street from Faith Skate Supply, in the area under US-31, there was an event for Go Skateboarding Day so I went out to hang out and be the requisite poseur with my hardly-ridden and almost scuff-free skateboard. While I was there, this dude, Tyson Miller, was warming on getting as high as he could on the interstate-pillar-cum-vert-ramp. I left right before the competition started, but fortunately Wes Frazer showed up and grabbed an awesome shot of Tyson winning the sticker comp (in which you slap it as high as you can, and you don't have to land it).

Also, this is a poptpop. Note that the kid taking the photo in a sling and just broken his arm a day or two prior and was not just shooting, but skating that during the festivities of Go Skateboarding Day.