New tearsheet for mental_floss

I'm really bad at update my tears, but I had this mental_floss lying about, so I thought I'd put it up.

In the current issue, David very literally poured onion juice into his eyes. The story is about ways to abate crying from cutting onions, but the onions we got were seriously off brand and they couldn't even get me to cry, which normally happens about three cuts in. We tried everything and eventually what worked was BLENDING the onions, STRAINING the juice, and for kicks, putting that juice back into a makeshift onion-cup, and pouring that into his eyeballs. God, I wish this were a joke.

A really fun shoot, per usual, with mental_floss, but partly due to it not being me cramming onion juice in my face.

Above is shot how it ran and below are a couple of outtakes.

As you can see, he was super happy after huffing the onion puree.

Also, we had him on a Margarita diet to fuel his insanity (though, he was fully sober when he agreed to model this for us, I gotta say). Winslow, phoning in the art direction, there on the side.