William Masters, Bachelor of Business Administration

Last weekend in Monroe, Louisiana, Stephanie's father, William, graduated from college. We were all quite proud and attempted to show him this by gathering friends at the family home and gorging ourselves on food and drink. Lots of drink. Lots of food.

His graduation was exciting and inspiring but pales in comparison* to his now-over-two-year-old beast of a beard. He started it in November of 2009 at the outset of what would become the last Whiskerino and he's been growing it ever since, despite occasional protestation from his wife. I've done my best to chronicle this, his first ever beard, on my blog and you can see his journey if you search for beard (and you'll get bonus beard-related shots in the mix too).

I took some 4x5s of him in the robe and hat and what not, but in terms of raw beard-power, I couldn't help but post this one now.

*At least to me, it does. But I'm beard-biased.