Paul in a video semi-poptvop

I'm not sure how this image should be categorized in the hierarchy of POPTPOPs, but it's a picture of my camera taking video of Paul, one of the main people we connected with in Uganda. I guess it's technically a poCtVop, which I'm not sure even counts. BUT WHATEVER HERE IT IS.

I gave video a go this trip to Africa and for once I'm excited about it—for two reasons. The big one is that I'll be passing off the video and audio files (as well as the photos) to another team who will create something out of them. It has always been the crafting of the story that has intimidated me about video because I just don't think like that by default. But knowing what I shot and seeing how they piece it all together I think will be a stepping stone for me to start to make my brain start to accept the fact that people want video (blah blah blah! business!). Secondably, I'm excited about the video stuff because the light pretty much everywhere we've been has been insanely pretty. The above photo is an example of everything just being pretty naturally. It's Paul under a jackfruit tree back in their farm land. Simple as that.

Time to go work some more. More later!