What's in the bag for Africa

Nerdy blog post alert!

I'm headed to Kenya and Uganda for another trip for Development in Gardening and I'm excited as I am nervous (or at least ready to be there already). Last time I went, I brought an assortment of cameras without really knowing what to expect in terms of what we would be photographing. I shot, then, a lot of Rollei and Lomo with a little bit of digital here and there.

This trip we have a bit more of a plan of attack. The bulk of the "project" work will be shot digitally and I'm sneaking in a 4x5 for portraits and other stuff that stands out as being worth the effort to shoot it right.

I figured I'd do a quick post about all the geekery that I'm packing for this round.

In my ThinkTank Airport Security bag (the US one, not the International one...I'm a bit nervous about that for this trip..we'll see what happens) I have the following:

Toyo Field 45A

90mm lens

210mm lens

changing bag

3 x Grafmatic 4x5 film holders

300 sheets of HP5

Focusing loupe (thanks Rob!)

PocketWizards (you never know!)

a couple of flashes

Canon 5DII

5D backup body

24-70mm lens

35mm lens

100 macro lens

Fuji X100

Widelux F7

Light meter

various cards and chargers

and below,

old, irrelevant business cards (vestigial from last time I put cards in this bag)

sundry pluggy things

cable release

additional cords

And just for good measure, a gratuitous picture of myself with my clothes pack on.