Remy Guercio

This is Remy. Dudes like him make me excited about technology advancements that are on the horizon. He's already writing apps for mobile devices and he's still in high school. I know that fact is probably "no big deal" but it reminds me of my high school computer exploits, which were decidedly lame in comparison (not to mention 1% as complex as what is readily available now). I taught myself how to hack old Mac apps (ResEdit! Who's with me!) and how to write horrible HTML when I was maybe in my second year of high school and I thought I was pretty damn awesome then. Now, if you've got an computer, email address, and a ability to ignore accept a(n) EULA, you can have developer level access to cutting edge coding tools. Amazing! Speaking of tools, I'll shut up.

I shot Remy a while back as an addition to the Super Student story that ran in Birmingham Magazine in August.