Super Students

Jarrod Hicks of Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School

Every year, Birmingham Magazine dedicates a substantial portion of an issue to outstanding students in the area who are upcoming seniors. They each have their specialties, and often I see magazines try to illustrate these things in a literal sense...and it's always bugged me. This year, I got to shoot it and I intentionally stayed away from that sort of representation, rather siding with doing my best to pull out each students personality and let that speak for itself.

For more on the students and additional photos, be sure to check out the story on the Birmingham Magazine website.

Here are some of my favorite photos.

David Turner of Holy Cristo Ray Catholic School

Olivia Tofani of Hoover High School

Emily McDuff of Homewood High School

JT Edmonson of Hueytown High School

Chase Payne of Cornerstone Christian School

Katie Kirkland of John Carroll Catholic High School. (Love the enigmatic smile)

Forrest Moody of Alabama School of Fine Arts