Will Pearson of mental_floss

I recently had the great pleasure to photograph Will Pearson of mental_floss, which is extra bonus for me as he's one of the funniest people I know and I love the magazine. I wanted to find a way to illustrate the quirkiness of mental_floss with something a bit out of character for Will who, suffice it to say, is not the vandalizing type. But he is a bit of a math dweeb (no offense intended to him nor any math dweebs who happen to read this. If you found this blog by searching for the phrase 'math dweeb' you may and may not be in the right place.) and he is decidedly OCD. Take math + OCD + Will + spray paint and conveniently subtract out the overspray lines from the stencils, and you get this photo. Pi loves, rejoice. Pie lovers, sorry.