So I've been slacking big time with posting Poptpops (which, for the unaware, are "pictures of people taking pictures of people"), and for this I truly apologize. The recent post about Richard Photo Lab's Still Love Film blog featuring a poptpop reminded that I really need to be posting them way more often.

And so here are two recent shots...from this weekend in fact. My cousin was in town getting married. They had their nuptials at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens which is a popular place for photo shoots. The above lounging female is being photographed by the photographer on the right (with his off-camera ring flash, which is interesting by itself) and her backup staff with changes of clothes look on, and probably sweat.

Below is my cousin Kendra and her new husband Scott with their cupcake-based cake (complete with LEGO bride and groom (which are tiny in front of the huge cupcake on top of the stand)).

More poptpops to come. I've got a few my recent trip to New York just bursting to get out. Soon!