Smallest building in Manhattan

I took a trip at the end of last month to hang out with my friends David, Zack, and Kevin for the simple reason of hanging out, taking photos, and talking shop. It was the kind of trip that I'll slowly process in my head over the coming months and gradually figure out what I learned and how my brain changed. More on that, and the trip, later on.

The one thing we did the most has GOT to be walking. We walked everywhere. We barely even got on the train the whole trip. We set out one day with no real goal and ended up walking from Hell's Kitchen down to SoHo and while in the lower west side we ran across this tiny, tiny key shop. We needed another set for the place we were staying so we ducked in to Greenwich Locksmiths to have a set made and ended up hanging out there for a while. Yeah, hanging out at a locksmith hut. This place was badass.

It was a tiny building, purportedly the smallest building in Manhattan, and every place you could see had keys on it. The doorframe, the door, all of the walls. There was even a chair outside made entirely of keys. We met the man behind the metal as we had our set duped and I grabbed a couple of pictures. Pictured is Phil Mortillaro who, as far as I can tell, is the coolest locksmith I've ever met.

Phil, doing work.