Shootin' food

Birmingham Magazine's March Issue cover.

Shooting editorial and travel work is awesome. It's awesome for a bunch of reasons, but one part I enjoy quite a bit is how unpredictable the story assignments can be. Just like going into a new country, I love having situations thrown at me and being forced to make good work happen even if everything is coming at me blind. This started happening to me with our local city magazine, Birmingham Magazine, back in 2009 when I started getting assignments to shoot restaurants, and specifically their food.

I have no idea how many plates of food and chefs I've photographed, but now what started as a shooting food for necessity has turned into something that's really fun and way more familiar. I wind up with quite a few assignments with food in them and that was especially true for the March issue. I think I had six stories that had to do with food or beverage in this issue alone, which reminds me; Another great thing about shooting this kind of work is getting to meet so many interesting people who are really great at what they do!

Some of the people I got to hang out with this time: Geoff and his crew at Trattoria Centrale, (Tom) Robey at Veranda on Highland, the guys behind Avondale Brewery, everybody out at The Olive Branch, Chris and Corey at Mix, and Angel...better known as the badass bar keep at Bettola.

Out of those, here are some of my favorites. Be sure to check out the rest of the issue online or pick up a copy anywhere around town!

Geoff at Trattoria Centrale next to Robey at Veranda in the opening spread of the March cover story.

Geoff, his ragu, and Robey with his Lamb shank.

Corey Hinkel and Chris Dupont of Mix fame, among other local favorite restaurants.

Angel Negrin from Bettola making his original, DELICIOUS take on the Manhattan, the Diversione. (It's (sort of) a Manhattan, with added amaretto, a couple of different bitters, muddled apple, and the coup de grâce, the apple garnish that you are to eat the end. AND it is paired with a perfect, small piece of prosciutto. God. Seriously, this drink is tasty.