Michael Abbott & Ryan Hughes of Isis™

Michael Abbott, CEO Isis Mobile Payment, and Ryan Hughes, CMO of Isis.

Michael Abbott and Ryan Hughes, of Isis Mobile Payment

I was at a local newsstand yesterday browsing magazines (research!) and ran across an article in Entrepreneur about Isis CEO Michael Abbott (the photo that ran in print is way more interesting, by the way) all about mobile commerce (which, by the way, Isis is about to make explode here in the US). Seeing the shot made me realize I never blogged about the shoot I had for them back at the end of 2010.

I hung out with Michael Abbott and Ryan Hughes (CMO of Isis, formerly of Verizon) back in November to make some formal and casual portraits of them for when they formally announced the company. I've only seen one pop up on the Business Wire, but then I'm not really plugged into that world.

Above are two outtakes from the shoot.