My Granddad, with some fish.

Granddad, with fish. Sometime in his 30s, I'd guess. That'd put the shot in the '50s, but I could be totally wrong.

I suppose my grandmother took it?

A week ago yesterday my grandfather passed away and I haven't really found words to say about it here yet, though I plan on it. In the process of dealing with everything that death brings, we had small silver linings; lots of laughing, sharing memories, various forms of catharsis, and the best of all...going through old photos. I grabbed all the negatives that looked interesting and scanned them for archive's sake. The above photo of my granddad makes me so happy. He did a bunch of stuff in life but one of his pure passions was fishing and his look of satisfaction here just makes me grin.

More about him soon...I'm still processing, yenno?