More snow!

We got more snow! I'm back at home, of course, but last night we got more snow! We NEVER get snow. We actually got ice and snow so I'm imagining our fair city won't be back in action immediately (which sucks...I have a lot to shoot/schedule this week), but for now, I'm relishing in a day snowed in with Stephanie.

I figured that one snow day is as good enough time to reflect on here are some photos from my Christmas break up at the family farm.

We woke up in awe of the fact that snow fell so my sister immediately rummaged through our grandparents stuff and found an old 72 of Bing Crosby singing Merry Christmas and an LP of Elvis singing all Christmas songs (which reminds me of 10th grade Drama class when I was in a wheelchair for having a broken leg (long story, serious break) and me and this girl Jessica sat together and randomly started belting out Blue Christmas for the whole class).

My grandfather lying down next to my mom (under the was cold)

We got mom an iPad. She freaked out a bit.

Another overview of the slopes of Ski Hurric'n Valley.

Here's to more snow!