Matthew Mayfield shoot

I've been shooting some of my friend Matthew Mayfield's promotional material off and on for a few years and we got together again over Thanksgiving to make some more images.

I couldn't be happier with what we created. He has some ideas about the mood he wanted to create for the images based on the sound of the upcoming album we were shooting for. I brainstormed a while on how to capture the ideas he'd talked to me about and we ended up jumping in the car and heading out to the ole family farm. We shot there most of the day and did a couple more locations when we got back into town.

I always feel like there should be some super cool story or behind the scenes video or something but the reality is, the whole process was simple and straightforward. Go to place. Figure out what place has to offer. Make photographs. Leave.

Yada yada yada...on to the photos.

Above is a shot of Matthew shooting pool at the Plaza here in town. Below is another shot of the disgusting bar (aka perfectly nasty) and one from the farm.

Really excited about everything we made. I'm splurging and posting these but the rest will have to wait til something like March when the record comes out.