Portland > San Diego, by train.

I'm still slowly sorting through my film from the trip Stephanie and I took out west this summer. I tried to think of the most ridiculous photograph to make while on the trip and I determined it to be shooting 4x5 on a moving train with a super crappy tripod (that I picked up in Portland after realizing I left my good one at home).

Despite itself, it went well. I didn't want to shoot a bunch of frames only to find out later it really WAS too ridiculous of conditions to shoot in, so I tried to cover my ass a bit by shooting for outside light on some of the shots. Seen above is Steph patiently modeling for me. I'd started Steinbeck's East of Eden on this trip, so passing through the Salinas Valley was an especially romantic idea for me and this was an attempt at helping myself remember this semi-insane* journey.

More to come, no doubt.

Oh, and for large format, I shot my Crown Graphic on HP5 the whole trip. #nerdnotes

*1.5 days on a train.