So clearly I've been slacking pretty hard overhere are theordinary.org.The good news is that means I've been busy. The other good news is there is a brand new site on the way at the end of the month. Theordinary.org may still continue to exist (maybe?), but a new carynorton.com is about to take over. And by take over I mean TAKE OVER. It will be the one place to find everything me+photography. Electric lion, poptpop, and every other possible way you can see my images....they will all be hubbed at the new site.

This, as it turns out, is one part admission of slackerdom and one part further promising of the new site. I'm quite excited to finally release a ton of new work and bring a simpler form to keep everyone up to date with the photographs I'm making.

For now....I'll just post a picture. The above shot is Caleb and Laura when we were hanging out in New York in May.