Matthew Mayfield

Matthew Mayfield

I've been MIA for a while it seems (to me) but at least for good reasons. Lots of running around town making photos. Lots of trying to put out other weird little fires (it's the little crap that takes so much time).

One of the _good_ things that has taken some of my time lately was to photograph Matthew Mayfield for his upcoming full length release. We had a specific goal and to my delight it called for shooting film and working with a bare bones setup. I love, love, love simplicity.

He had a specific idea in mind. Think old. We shot on the rolling white wall with the Crown Graphic, RZ, and Leica. On the large and medium formats we shot instant film as well (mostly to scan the negatives of it lends itself to the feel we were going for).

Above is a photo of the setup, mid-shoot. Talk about simple. Wall, subject, camera, north light in the studio. Done.