Troy + Fuji FP100C45 recovered negative

Trey neg scan

OH SHIT. My world just got asploded.

As mentioned, I went out to San Diego to hang with Jon Canlas and while there Ryan Muirhead told me about recovering the negatives of Fuji FP100C (and in my case 100C45) by bleaching the back. This means I shoot the instant film, can give that away to whomever, keep the other chunk you normally throw out...let it dry...take it home and bleach off the black crap...and...I've got a negative.

OH MY GOD. I kept 8 of my "negatives" from shooting at Film Is Not Dead and bleached them out today. I have 6 more to scan...but here are two more (one this post, one next post).

This is Troy, one of the many people who came out to be our models...he and his wife Clare are awesome and both bring a great style to being photographed...makes our jobs easier for sure.

Above is Troy's negative. I converted it to black and white as it had some weird green blotches..which translated really nice in monochrome.