The Bottletree, loved by many. Specifically, Sarah.

sarah loves the bottletree

There are pros and cons of living pretty much everywhere. There is green grass almost everywhere I've been (though I don't think anything could get me to live in Knoxville again). Some towns are overhyped and some don't get the love they deserve. Birmingham (and Alabama) has its fair share of pitfalls, but we've got a ton of great things as well.

One of these is a venue/bar/restaurant called The Bottletree that has, over its three years, really made a name for itself by having an outstanding atmosphere, solid food (with veggie and vegan options), welcoming staff, and an endless supply of tchotchkes all over the walls (it is hard to choose a favorite weird LP from the walls).I'm not trying to make some sort of half assed review of this place, I'm just saying people love it and it lives here. That makes me happy.To back me up, here's Sarah showing some love. (To be fair, I asked her to give me a thumbs up, and I fully know this is super cheesy, but whatever.)