Richard + Julie

so rich is getting married today

My long-time friend Rich is getting married today and as with the tradition, we went out for some drinks last night. We wound up at a karaoke place that was so so bad. In a great way. They seriously had a stripper pole for people to dance on when they get wasted enough. Brilliant.

Another note of no consequence is that we had the most amazing Thai spread for dinner last night. So place in Leesburg, VA. Rich and his dad were dropping Thai with the staff all night and I was loving it. I was stuffed...with the best meal I've had in ages. Dear Steph, let's go to Thailand. Signed, Me.

So yeah the above is just Rich at the bar.

Also I've been shooting stuff I enjoy as late, but can't post it yet. Looking forward to doing so though. Portraits all around the state, Texas, and Mexico.