Whoa, it’s 2010?


I really cannot believe it is already March. I'd totally planned on making some sort of new-year stort of post (new-year lower case, not like New Years or whatever) but that got done over at my photo blog and never cross posted.  
Speaking of annoying cross-posting, I've recruited Winslow Taft to conjure from his mystical cauldron of design witchery a new website for me that will once again show its face at carynorton.com. I think the most exciting part of this is that this site will finally bring together all blog-style units I produce. I'm looking forward to having ONE place to post things and actually have those things be visible just by being at my site.  
I most just wanted to say hi to the people reading this. I don't have any scale of how many people that may be, but I promise when the new site launches there will be BILLIONS (literally billions) of blog posts. 
I'll show you a photo I've taken this year that I love (see above, or if you're reading this via blog reader, you may have to view it on the site to see the image). It's my friend Bob shot on 8x10 and I consider this my first successful 8x10 photograph. There are some others posted at the aforementioned photo blog, for your fyi.