Whiskerino favorites (a few anyway)

Whiskerino favorites

Whiskerino draws to a final close (sadness abounds) and I thought I'd post a couple of favorites. These are all David and me for now but I'll have another post of shots of Alan and Kevin.

Top left is a shot of David for mug shot day. It's two exposures on one sheet of 4x5 film (for a classic look). To the right of that is a shot of me using said 4x5. David took it but the concept was mine so I'm including it.

Under that is a really wide one for zoom-sneak day (which is where there is extra goodness outside of the normal view such that you have you zoom to see the whole shot). The normal shot looked like him with light shooting out of his hand. The full shot Rob and I are shooting him, for some reason. Or trying, rather.

Next is me trying the flying Mackle. Next to that is David becoming the hunted. This one won king beard.

Last is a shot of David for "flash trash" day which made about as much sense to all of us as it may to you.

I cannot explain how great whiskerino was this time and I'm not even going to try right now.

By the way, these are all basically photoshop free. By that I mean I probably tweaked exposure for effect but we didn't like, add something in or fake anything.