Caleb…..yep. Caleb

caleb, 8x10, pretty much unedited, and fully ridiculous

On the first day I shot 8x10 Caleb really came through with something absurd. He had borrowed my tophat (why on earth do I own one. I barely own dress pants) and apparently some makeup(?) and he produced this look. Chim chim, buddy.

As for 8x10, I'm still figuring out how I feel about it. I clearly haven't shot much so far but I do now at least appreciate the small, managable size of 4x5 (irony recognized). Developing has been the hardest part...talking to a friend the other day I think my development issues may be air bubbles in the fix. I'll be trying to get cleaner negs on the next round for sure. Still haven't run the shots from shooting with Jason the other day.

I shot some interiors this weekend which, much to my surprise, was really fun. Steph hung out with us while we shot this really cool space in the Highland area for the cool local home interior store atmosphere. The great Winslow Taft was around to AD which is always nice. Perhaps I'll feature a shot from that on Wednesday.

Trying to think of ways to collector work into groups and make people see them. Harder than it sounds soemtimes.