really bad josh, courtesty of electric lion

So getting used to this new schedule is freaking me out a little. I'm so very used to posting every day.

Recently I took my first 8x10 photos. My [OLD and shitty] scanner will only do up to 4x5 transparencies so as of now I'm left without a decent way to reproduce / scan the images I made (and will make). The office Rob and I have been working on is now done, as is the darkroom he and Bob had been working on...so soon I will have plausible access to making contact sheets of these admittedly massive negatives. The first real image of these is posted above. Real really isn't the proper word. This is a digital photo of the negative sitting on top of Bryan's light box. Really, really bad.


I actually under exposed this shot by around two stops, as well. I normally shoot HP5 in my 4x5 which is ISO 400 and the 8x10 I ordered is student grade (which, at 8x10, for me, is pretty unimportant) but it is ALSO only ISO 100. By habit I metered at 400 and out pops a grey masterpiece. There is a sheet I haven't run yet of Bob that I THOUGHT I totally blew out, but I think it'll end up being the closest to properly exposed in the end. So in the future, nerd noters, you'll likely see 8x10 contact sheets printed on VC paper (so I can filter them) and then scanned in their massive format glory.

Anyone wanna buy me an Epson v750? Please? I'll shoot a ton of stuff for you for free! I promise!