As a matter of circumstance and habit, I don't often see other photographers' work unless I subscribe to a blog they produce or a blog that I read that happens to show their work. On one hand, I find this a most appropriate work to follow / lead my own to wherever it may be headed. (Recently, an artist I greatly admire said to me, " imitate and emulate, no one but yourself," and I am finding this advice to sound quite satisfactory.) On the other hand, I occasionally take a gander at others' work by accident or by way of direction from a friend, and I can find it most inspiring. 
There are two recent images that wound up saved to my computer for the inability to let them go. By that I mean, as much information as I intake daily (important or utterly, utterly banal) most of it flows right back out and I only grab one tiny nugget of it. But occasionally I'll see something that demands its own room in my brain. 
The first of these is by a photographer I have never heard of—Aneta Bartos. I don't exactly recall how I found this image, but I love it. Her work is totally different than what I am used to seeing, but there is something so...something..moving? genuine? that it stops me in my tracks. 
© Aneta Bartos 
The next image is the result of a long bunny trail. My new friend Jonathan Canlas sent me a message to check out a podcast by The Candid Frame on Dan Winters, which was a very good listen. I decided to check out their blog a bit more and ran across the classic Jim Herrington. I don't know if it matters that I love the music this woman creates, or if this portrait of Gillian Welch is just universally arresting. Just look. 
© Jim Herrington 
Anyway. That's it. Two inspiring images.