Day 250


Another Japan poptpop in honor of today's wedding. Caleb & Laura got married today at an amazing place in Leeds and I REALLY wanted to develop it tonight i am just too tired. poptPoint is there was a HUGE poptpop-off marathon today shooting the girls. Bryan was shooting the girls, devries was 4x5ing that, paul was shooting bryan shooting the girls, i was shooting all of that, and branden was 8mm'ing all of THAT. AND! I think Alan was in on it too..I just can't remember.

I'm hoping for nothing short of Epic 4x5s from this wedding.

Caleb decided to do it in an interesting way. He grabbed a bunch of people he knows who take pictures (though perhaps not everyone he knows, as I think everything was practically double covered) and had them each take a part. I shot the guys, and few frames of them together right after plus two frames of family/wedding party. 19 frames of 4x5 (one got jacked in the holder. misloaded. oh well), a roll of lomo, 2.66 rolls of 1V and two rolls of rollei. pretty sure it was an all-film wedding which is exciting.

And GOD the MUSIC was unreal.

Shots from that as soon as asap. Stephanie just moved here TODAY (woohoooo!) and will be settling in for a few days no doubt, but I'm planning on cramming the developing in sometime really soon.

P.S. — 250 days into Electric Lion mark ii. weird.