I shoot a very limited number weddings each year bur rarely mention that here. I cannot help mentioning my last week, however.
My friends Bob Miller and Allison Thornhill had the most gloriously beautiful and laid back wedding I've ever witnessed or been proud to be a part of. A few of us went down to Costa Rica this past week to help the celebrate and I took photos the entire week. I send off the film tomorrow, but literally the moment I walked in the door (3 am Saturday morning) I grabbed the 4x5 I shot and jumped into the darkroom to develop—I had to see them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
I was not disappointed. I could never seen another photo from their wedding and be completely satisfied from just the handful of 4x5s I have. The shot below is not necessarily my favorite from the day, but it gives a good idea of the people and location I was working with. How could I even take a bad photograph down there with these people? I submit it is not possible. Anyway...heres that shot: